The SlowDown

This 90-minute Slowdown workshop takes place every last Wednesday of the

month at The Studio and focuses on topics related to health & wellbeing.

To kick-off January we are starting with self-care, which, as Lalah Delia -

wellness educator once said is; "how you take your power back.”

So, with this in mind, we will start the workshop with a 30-minute yin yoga practice

to explore our strength and power through various dimensions of the body and mind.

The act of holding postures for longer is a form of self-care and leads us into our discussion

on how we can take better care of ourselves and overall wellbeing. We'll share tips and

techniques on how to do this as well as create our own bath salts with essential oils to up

your self-care game. We'll also discuss how best to ground

ourselves at the end of each day.

This informative, fun and mood-rejuvenating workshop will end with a creative

guided meditation, so you leave with a focus not just on functioning but flourishing!

Investment: 15 euros (including bath salts for you to take home with you).

Address; The Studio, Lange Leemstraat, Antwerp.

To register, contact; OR