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At times it can seem there are more things that can bring us down rather than up. Whether it's work, people, family, our environment, so-called friends. But, there is always a way to rise above anything that brings us down and, often it can be achieved instantly...if you let it of course, liked these methods;

Positive self-talk exercise visibly lifts the body; Duration: 2 minutes

One technique which has a powerful way of demonstrating how negativity has an effect on the body is this simple self-administered therapy called the Emotional Tapping Technique (EFT). Often referred to as energy psychology where you tap on energy meridians traditionally used in acupuncture. It might seem bizarre at first when you start tapping on your face and body but this clears emotional blocks. Find out more and give it a go; https://bit.ly/2QWtjSF

Free your emotion by smell: Instant

We don't use our sense of smell enough and probably it's the last thing we think of when finding ways to lift the mood. But our sense of smell really is a super-power - it can instantly trigger a memory quicker than any of your other senses. This is why having essential oils on hand (I keep at least one with me at all times) really does make a remarkable difference to your day. Lavender can calm the mind, frankincense can help with depression, orange can increase positive reactions and peppermint can clear the mind.

Keeping a check-list of things that lift you up - Duration: Instant

Brainstorm all the things that lift you up when you're feeling down and write them down- places, music, people, memories. Keep that list with you at all times for those times when you need your spirit lifted.

Free your mood by drawing to music: Almost instant This technique can be extremely therapeutic - just free flow drawing to whatever music you choose. From heavy metal - if you want to thrash out your mood to classical for serenity and calm. It doesn't matter what you draw - you can even draw with your eyes closed. But notice how your mood leaves the body as you draw without any thought for what your drawing will look like.

Quotes to live by - Duration: Instant

Words have a powerful ability to heal so keep a notepad with you and notice any quotes that resonate with you. Also anything that someone says to you that speaks to you in that moment.

Inspiring podcasts/talks - Duration: 10-20 minutes

Listen to thought-leaders, authors, spiritual teachers - those people who can challenge the way you think. Explore Ted Talks on YouTube and podcasts on Spotify (Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Conversations are a personal favourite).

Shake it out: Instant

Of course we are back to music again - music has a powerful way of eradicting a mood and shaking your mood out to your favourite song. As the author Hans Christian Anderson said once upon a time ; "Where words fail, music speaks."

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