What better place to host a workshop to activate all the senses but the arty seaside town of Whitstable.

In this workshop we will exercise the intuition and increase awareness, thoughts, feelings, motivations and insight. As well as:
• explore what you are naturally drawn to
• notice the little things around you
• open your mind
• enliven your senses
• look at things in new and different ways
• be in the now

We will do this in three different ways;

Eat….a chocolate meditation
A good way to make meditation more interesting, enlightening and fun! Chocolate is well known for its medicinal value, and among Buddhist monastics it is considered medicine rather than food as it elevates the mood and stimulates mental energy prior to meditation.

Using various flavours of good quality chocolate, we will reconnect with our senses, and heighten our awareness. Combining chocolate tasting with meditation will let you become more attuned to the smell, texture, tastes of the chocolate and of the infinite subtle physical sensations of your body.

Play…with your camera
After raising the level of our senses we will engage with the things around us with mindful photography. Really paying closer attention to things you wouldn’t normally notice. We will look at shapes, patterns and textures of everyday things which will intrigue all the senses. You can bring a phone camera if you don’t have a camera.

Meditate…on the beach
Having opened our awareness to another level we will sit on the beach and end with a creative visualisation which has five basic steps to; Relax - Imagine - Feel - Believe – Detach (this is an important part because peace of mind comes when you detach from an outcome and let things naturally unfold). The perfect way to end our journey of the senses.

Investment is £20. To reserve a place contact: