The B.E. Experience - Group Coaching
An 8-week online course, an investment 

in yourself in becoming empowered. 

The next course starts on Wednesday 10th March 2021.

Focusing on the mind, body, emotional intelligence, creativity and energy - empowering in many different ways.

About the 8-week course...

This course has been designed to be accessible for all women who want more from their life. Particularly in wanting to feel more empowered, confident, mindful, self-aware and, more able to deal with the things that disempower us like...the inner critic! On this course, you will gather the tools for transformation, inner growth and become more able to deal with internal and external challenges.

We will meet online for the first 2 weeks (on a Wednesday) to really kick-start your empowered program and then meet every other week, with exercises and videos sent in the weeks in between, so you can keep the momentum of becoming empowered. Any online classes you missed are recorded for you to view in your own time. It's recommended to dedicate 1-2 hours a week, and you will be motivated by prompts during the weeks to keep you on track. Groups are kept small (no more than five people) to ensure you get the most out of this course.

What to expect...

Week by week we work together on your empowered goals;

Week 1 (meet together as a group, online)

Focus on...our power

This session focuses on mind, body and soul work and asking questions such as;

What is empowerment?

How can we feel more of it?
How are we going to get it?

What is the aim when we do feel empowered?

Week 2 (meet together as a group, online)

Focus on...getting to know ourselves (under all the layers, walls and blocks we've built up over time)

Self-analysis, reflection, writing prompts to move the mind and, a little improvisation to really get you thinking in different ways.

Week 3 (online - recorded)

Focus on...what holds us back

Going deeper within our selves to turn around our self-limiting beliefs into positive beliefs.

Week 4 (meet together as a group, online)

Focus on…passions and motivations

This is where we explore what truly motivates us and heightens our energy. There will be exercises that encourage self-exploration. 

Week 5 (online-recorded)

Focus on…transformation

Confidence boosting exercises and techniques to own your authentic power.

Week 6 (meet together as a group, online)
Focus on...leaving the comfort zone.

Opening up to new and different experiences and exploring the uncomfortable...which is how we grow.

Week 7 (online - recorded), week 8 (meet together as a group, online)

Focus on...plan of action 

With the tools gained from weeks 1-6 to empower ourselves, we will then start with putting that power into action.

The course includes:


  1. 8 x 1-hour coaching sessions (5 live coaching sessions via Zoom and 3 pre-recorded).

  2. Weekly actions and exercises to do during the week.

  3. Call recording and session notes to keep.

  4. Support, encouragement and prompts via Whatsapp during the 8-week course and three weeks after. 

  5. Guided meditations, visualisations and breathing exercises sent to you every week.

  6. Free attendance to the B.E.A.M (Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset) online workshops.


But let's have a chat first to understand your goals, motivations and, what you really want to gain from this course which, will enable you to become a higher version of yourself.  Drop us an email and let's schedule a chat!