Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset
A new series of monthly online workshops taking place in September till December as we focus on topics related to empowerment!
Join us every month as we focus on topics related to feeling empowered!

B.E.A.M - Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset

A new 4-part introduction series focusing on topics related to empowerment

Join us each month as we focus on topics related to feeling more empowered.

So grab yourself a cuppa and join your host Kym Nelson, founder of MindfulThinking@Play, writer, creative meditation teacher and podcaster of The SlowDown for a lively evening with meditation, juicy interactive discussion, and...tips, tricks and techniques to make us feel more empowered to handle whatever tries to disempower us! This will mean being prompted by questions which is a key part of our own self-enquiry and potential for transformation. Each session Kym will be joined by a guest teacher to give another perspective to empowerment.  


This event will be an experience to learn, observe and interact, as well as taking the time to focus on ourselves (and no-one else!) during the next 75 minutes!



What is empowerment?  When: Tuesday 15th September @ 7.30 till 8.45 BST
We break it down to understand what it really means, what truly empowers women, what are the qualities of an empowered woman and, how we can incorporate that feeling into our lives and our own self-image. 

We will also be joined by guest teacher, Helen Slater who will be empowering us a bit more with belly dancing moves. Helen featured on The SlowDown podcast on the topic Slowing down to make stress-free decisions

Investment: £7.50 book via eventbrite 

Challenging our self-limiting beliefs,  When: Tuesday 13th October @ 7.30 till 8.45 BST

The focus will be on empowering ourselves by challenging our self-limiting beliefs which can often be destructive. We talk about ways to disempower our inner critic and, reduce the effect of other sources that get in the way of our self-power.
We will also be joined by guest teacher, Jan Mouton, a breath healer who featured on The SlowDown podcast on the topic Alternative ways of healing and words to enlighten. He will be showing us an empowering breathing exercise.

Investment: £7.50 

Let's talk about impostor syndrome,  When: Tuesday 10th November @ 7.30 till 8.45 BST

Yes, this primarily affects mostly women, and relates to feelings of being an imposter (especially in the work environment) where you feel like you don't belong and don’t actually deserve your job and accomplishments? The idea that you’ve only succeeded due to luck, and not because of your talent or qualifications—was first identified in 1978 by psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes. In their paper, they theorized that women were uniquely affected by impostor syndrome. We look at how we can get rid of that feeling once and for all. We will also be joined by guest teacher, JoBee Project, voice coach and former contestant of The Voice in Poland. She featured on The Slowdown podcast on the topic Dissecting your confidence and words to enlighten. Jo will be showing us empowering techniques to build confidence in how we project ourselves. 

Investment: £7.50 

Vulnerability as a power, When: Tuesday 8th December @ 7.30 till 8.45 BST

Who would have thought vulnerability would be empowering? It is only since Dr Brené Brown, a research professor who got the world to notice this feeling more in one of the most-watched TED talks of all time. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. For this last session in the series, we dissect vulnerability and explore how this feeling can empower us more. We will be joined by guest teacher Laura Lawton, jazz singer and burlesque dance teacher who will be showing us some subtle confidence moves with our clothes on!

Investment: £7.50


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