Kym Nelson - Writer, and Teacher of Creative Calm and Empowered Mindset

Hello! I am the founder of MindfulThinking@Play.


In a previous life, I was a science and travel writer but, it is within empowering our wellbeing 
where I currently thrive as a writer and teacher. Bringing together my experience gained from

teaching creative meditation workshops in museums and art galleries, my creative skills as a writer,

yoga teacher and improvisation performer and, running numerous life-changing retreats around Europe.

I have also led writing workshops and trainings at the European Parliament and European Commission. 

I am very much into teaching how to relax, explore the mind, build confidence and thrive in innovative ways.

In addition, I am putting my journalistic and storyteller skills to good use on my podcast,Empowered Thinking at Play in which guests are invited to divulge what skills have been fundamental in feeling empowered, and providing their interpretation of what empowerment really is! I am currently studying social psychology as another skill to enhance and benefit my teaching.



Quote to live by: Change doesn't just happen, you have to make change.