Kym Nelson - Teacher of Creative Calm, Writer and Improv Artist 

Kym is the founder of MindfulThinking@Play, a culmination of her passion as a writer

and creative relaxation teacher. In a previous life, she was a travel writer and then a science

writer but it was her practice as a meditation teacher which developed her interest in helping

people to thrive in innovative ways.

She has led creative meditation workshops at The Turner Contemporary in the UK and, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp where she is a regular teacher. 


You will find her regularly designing experiences (through workshops and retreats) which demonstrate when the mind and body are relaxed, the imagination truly does wake up. She is very much into teaching adults and children how to explore their own mind through relaxation, play and creative visualisation. Improvisation is another element she brings to her teaching. You can hear more from her on The SlowDown, a lively wellbeing podcast she co-presents.

Quote to live by: Change doesn't just happen, you have to make change.