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A dynamic approach to wellbeing...

Feeling empowered in our wellbeing is a process and the process should be inspiring and fun. Hence our approach takes an exploration through the mind with bursts of writing, drawing, mindfulness, meditation and improvisation techniques to get the mind relaxed, active and engaged. Hence we empower by creating a space for self-analysis, realisation and reflection, which often leads to action in our wellbeing. 


For a flavour of what we do, check out  B.E.A.M (Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset) online, an interactive journey through topics such as imposter syndrome and challenging our self-limiting beliefs. 


In the meantime try our meditation power boosts on feeling empowered, becoming who we really are and, letting goThis is taken from our podcast Empowered Thinking at Play in which interviewees candidly talk about how they feel empowered and their definition of what empowerment means to them. We have also just launched a new series on this platform called Uncensored Conversations which brings together a panel of strong-minded women to talk about topics, that are often misinterpreted especially concerning women. Topics discussed include; speaking out and anger. 

In addition, MindfulWork@Play brings much-needed wellbeing tips, tricks and techniques to people working remotely. We have devised a program through creative meditation and improvisation to make it fun whilst also focusing on a series of topics such as enhancing resilience to stress, avoiding burn-out and, tackling the issues of working from home such as feeling isolated and how to switch off after work.

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Read our blog 'Just Musing' on all things related to feeling more empowered in our wellbeing. 


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