The imagination hungers for a calm mind, so inspiration can flow…

We inspire with creative meditation and mindful play to create a calm environment for the
imagination to respond. Essentially, how to
elax into creativity.

Bridging the gap between ourselves and our imagination...
With meditative drawing, plasticine and clay meditation, zen doodling, mindful
writing and

reflective photography, we can connect to our senses, sharpen awareness and go with the

flow with a relaxed mind. Also, bringing in other forms of relaxation techniques

such as; creative visualisation, transformational breathing and even chocolate meditation.

It all contributes to relaxing into creativity. 


Training the mind to relax and think in a more inspired way...

We have held workshops at the Turner Contemporary in the UK, the Museum of Modern Art

in Antwerp and, created inspiring retreats in Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and

the UK always with a focus on relaxation and creating environments that are inspiring and

cultivate fun.