Boosting the headspace for confidence...

We empower women by creating a space for self-analysis, realisation, reflection and action through mindfulness, meditation, improvisation, writing  and other creative ways to get the mind active, engaged and resilient against the inner critic. 


For a flavour of what we do, check out B.E.A.M (Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset) workshops online, which are an interactive, thought-provoking journey of self-exploration through the topic of empowerment, and the B.E Experience for more personalised group coaching. 


In the meantime try our 15-minute power boost meditation on feeling empowered and check out more power boosts which include; challenging our self-limiting beliefs, becoming who we really are and, letting go. This is taken from our podcast Empowered Thinking at Play in which interviewees candidly talk about how they feel empowered and, their personal definition of what empowerment means to them. We have also just launched a new series on this platform called Uncensored Conversations which brings together a panel of strong-minded women to talk about topics, that are often misinterpreted especially in relation to women, topics that may be seen as taboo but shouldn’t be and, topics which need to be discussed in order to feel more empowered. 

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